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My first blog entry ^o^ 

I absolutely love everything cute, especially Sanrio characters.

One day, I stumbled into miniatures from Japan from the Re-ment company. 

Not only are they cute and pretty, they are also very good with the details.

The attention of details being put into their products are amazing, they captured the essence of the theme really well. Also, re-ment miniatures are a good way to learn about Japanese culture. A lot of the miniatures are reflections of day to day Japanese lifestyle or daily events.

As a fellow miniatures lover, I know how hard it is to hunt for miniatures, especially if you don't live in Japan... But worry not, I am here to help you get your hand on the miniatures you love.

I am selling miniatures from Re-ment, Kabaya, and Takara Tommy at a reasonable price. They are genuine products and are not the knock offs, most of the products are shipped directly from Japan.

If you have an old Re-ment you are trying to find, please let me know, I might be able to help you to find it.

In the meantime, please take a look at my shop and happy shopping ^o^ 



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